The Story of New4Old

It is always good to know where we have come from as well as where we are going.

phil-tempPhil shares the story behind New4Old and how it came to being.

Where did the vision come from?

God gave me the vision when I was sat at my kitchen table doing a quote for work. I was looking at a set of drawings, when I saw a different plan/set of drawings in front of me….God spoke to me in that moment….”this is what I want you to do for me!”

In the plan I saw three different groups of people, with three different ways of obeying Gods instructions.

Groups of People James 1:27 - James 2:8

1. The poor.

2. Widows.

3. Orphans.

Ways of Working

1. Simple building work.

2. Bigger Building projects with Christian mission.

3. Evangelism / Christian Mission.

What is the mission?

The charity has three main routes for mission; the first thread is the National project available to churches within the UK. This involves mobilising the local church in evangelism, connecting with local communities and volunteers participating in the churches building project  as well as mission events happening during the evening, the week would finish with a Sunday celebration service.  N4O can also provide a stand alone post project package with three evening session’s for help with follow up after the project has finished. If your church does not need any building work doing, we can also offer a weeks mission in your church to help your congregation with evangelism and connecting with the local community.

New4Old’s other main aim is to help the poor, widows and orphans through simple building projects at their homes. This is The JC project and is available through the local church for people who are in financial difficulty, a single parent family, unemployed, a current teenage carer for a member of their own family.

Once we are satisfied the prospective client has fulfilled this requirement, the person then has to fulfil two N4O obligations before work commences:

  1. Attend a multimedia presentation at your church
  2. Attend three of your church’s services  

At this point the basic work will be completed free of charge including labour and materials (sourced by your church and New4Old) with no obligations to the client. A fee will be paid by the church for the mission, but can be bespoke for your churches needs or requirements.

We will also have the Global Project, which would be bigger building projects such as building a church, or an orphanage, or a safe place for vulnerable people. New4Old could also renovate or work on any type of build. Mission will also play a major part of the project’s we run at this level.

In all of this God has shared a part of His heart to me for those who do not know His Son Jesus. He has given me a model which works by taking the gospel into peoples homes, our nations communities and even world wide sharing His love in practical ways.

There is no point in building a magnificent house if the life within its walls is not spilling into the communities it serves. New4Old will help build the building, build people and usher in Gods Kingdom as they partner with you.

All of our projects will be achieved through partnering with local churches and contacts with local councils, housing associations and social services.

New4Old's building projects will only come to pass through prayer, wisdom, partnering with other ministries/pastors and churches.

All the above will also only happen through partnerships with building merchants and businesses; through personal contacts and monies coming in through donations, fund raising, grants, hard work and faith. New4Old will charge for parts of work carried out for certain projects but with substantial reductions (ask for more details). We will also be looking at wealth generation projects through the bigger building projects once or twice a year.